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Walter Holt's Old Money - A.S.A.N. Meeting June 2005

ASAN is a group of like-minded collectors and students of ancient history and numismatics who meet once a month at the offices of Noble Numismatics, Pty. Ltd. (Macquarie St., Sydney). A typical meeting begins, without ceremony, with a discussion of news and recent developments in the world of ancient coins, followed by a summary of new and newly acquired publications and auction catalogues. The more formal part of the evening then commences as something of a "show and tell" session, with members displaying their recent purchases, coins of interest or study, or other related items, and giving a short talk about them. After the meeting, members are invited to dinner at a local restaurant.

Unlike most similar clubs or organisations, there are no fees or dues, and there are no office holders or other hierarchy. All membership enquiries should be directed to Jim Noble at Noble Numismatics.

Among the topics discussed at the June meeting were:

  • Holt: Announced the sad news of the passing of numismatist and author, Dr. Henry Clay Lindgren; discussed the chance find on the internet of information about the 18th century collector William Hunter, and of his donation of items, including an Ides of March Denarius, to the University of Glasgow (a paper given by Sir Charles Illingworth to the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow, on 25 February 1972, and as published in the Journal of the Scottish Society of the History of Medicine). He also showed an unusual and tiny archaic fraction from the Island of Lesbos which showed two eyes, one above the other, on the obverse.
  • Nixon: Spoke of his recent Trip to Turkey and Syria, and the progress of archaeological excavations at the Syrian site of Jebel Khalid on the Euphrates, in which he was a valuable and active participant. He discussed some of the coin finds and showed photographs of some of the items that were unidentified or in need of a firmer identification.
  • Tonner: Showed a new purchase, an attractive Gold Noble of Edward III.
  • Carr: Noted the availability and importance of online resources, including that of the work by Henri Cohen (from a couple of sources).
  • Dunstan: Spoke about a newly acquired Yehud Silver Fraction from the recent CNG auction (a silver Hemiobol struck under Ptolemy II and which showed the head of Ptolemy I on the obverse), and of a rare Hasmonean bronze (Hendin 458).
  • Mulligan: Displayed two coins from his collection, a rare Libyan revolt billon stater and a rare Carthaginian bronze coin.
  • Tindall: Showed a one-sixth stater from the Island of Lesbos.
  • Turner: Spoke about the Roman Republican moneyer Q. Pomponius Musa (66BC) and showed some of this moneyer's coins from his collection.
  • Bolden: Discussed the recent sale of a 'Proto-Contorniate' and showed an example of this unusual numismatic item from his collection.
  • Woolmer: Spoke about a small and rare silver fraction from Cyprian Salamis of the 5th century BC.
  • Jamieson: Discussed the recent purchase of a group of Archaic twelfth staters from the Asia Minor city of Miletos.
  • Pitchfork: Showed some of the very rare early bronzes from the city of Velia.
  • Other members participated actively.

  • Mention was also made of the (then) upcoming:

    Inaugural National Numismatic Conference, NAAC 2005,
    to be hosted by the
    Numismatic Association of Australia
    and held at the
    Powerhouse Museum
    and the
    Australian Centre for Ancient
    Numismatic Studies (ACANS),
    Macquarie University,

    25-27 November 2005.

    Further details may be found at: http://www.numismatics.org.au/naac2005-2/

    Additional Conferences have been held biennially subsequent to this very successful event.

    Further details on these and other conferences may be found at: http://www.numismatics.org.au/events/.

    The above photo shows the following members (seated left to right): Rev. Peter Dunstan, Walter Holt, Dr. Adrian Carr, Robert Tonner, Christopher Mulligan, Jim Noble (standing), Dr. Stephen Mulligan, Dr. Ted Nixon (standing), Colin Pitchfork, Dr. Nicholas Hardwick, Brian Jamieson, Jim Tindall, Ron Bolden and Michael Turner (also present but not shown in this photo: Wayne Woolmer and Robert Climpson).

    Tonight the chosen venue for dinner was the nearby restaurant Noble House (asian cuisine), apparently named after James Clavell's famous and popular novel, which was attended by no less than ten members and guests, making for a very enjoyable evening.

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