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The Australian Society of Ancient Numismatics.
Walter Holt's Old Money - Grading
My take on the difficult subject
of grading ancient coins.
Walter Holt's Old Money - Descriptions
Another controversial subject, that of
accurate descriptions of ancient coins.
Walter Holt's Old Money - Links
Some interesting Links to sites related to Ancient History and Coins.
Walter Holt's Old Money - The Quiz
Have a little fun identifying these rulers
from their coin portraits.
Walter Holt's Old Money - Obverse Legends
The Award winning searchable listing of
almost 2500 different obverse legends,
as they appear on Roman coins.
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Terms & Conditions,
Postage Information,
Paypal Link, etc.

Walter Holt's Old Money - FORVM AWARD
My web-page "2483 Roman Obverse Legends"
has been awarded the
"FORVM Award For Numismatic Excellence",
as voted by the Members of the
FORVM Classical Numismatics Discussion Board.

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