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of the Fitzwilliam and BCD libraries.

R.I.P. My dear old friend Theodore V. "Ted" BUTTREY Jr. (1929-2018)

Ted Buttrey
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and Roman Coins and their History.
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ASAN, Grading, Additional Notes, etc.
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FORVM Award For Numismatic Excellence
My web-page "2483 Roman Obverse Legends"
(currently being re-designed and reconstructed)
has been awarded the
"FORVM Award For Numismatic Excellence",
as voted by the Members of the
FORVM Classical Numismatics Discussion Board.

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IMPORTANT - Please note: If you are after any
modern coins, please DO NOT call Old Money,
contact the Wynyard Coin Centre directly.

Equally, if you are after anything within
these pages or on my VCoins site, then
please DO NOT call them.
They will simply refer you back to me!
Why waste your time and theirs?

Old Money Specialises in
Ancient Greek and Roman Coins
also Byzantine and British hammered coins,
as well as certain selected ancient
Greek and Roman Antiquities.

Ancient Coin Collectors Guild - Preserving our freedom to collect

Ancient Coin Collector's Guild

The Ancient Coin Collectors Guild is a non-profit
organization committed to promoting the free and
independent collecting of coins from antiquity.

The goal of this guild is to foster an environment in which
the general public can confidently and legally acquire and
hold any numismatic item of historical interest regardless
of date or place of origin.

ACCG strives to achieve its goals through education,
political action, and consumer protection.

Walter Holt's Old Money, is a member of this organisation and
I urge anyone interested in ancient coins, artefacts, or the open
study of matters historical, to join and support the ACCG.

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